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Thinking about buying a new car? If so, you’ll need new car insurance to cover it.

Whether buying a new car for the first time, replacing a car or buying another one, auto insurance can be complicated. We’ve put together some of the most common questions about new car insurance to help you.

Should I Get Car Insurance before I Buy a New Car?

You’re going to need new car insurance before you drive your shiny new auto off the dealer’s lot. In fact, you usually need to provide lenders proof of insurance before you can be approved.

The best plan of action is to browse car lots to decide what kind of car you want before you go to the dealership to buy. This approach can give you some rough figures to work with. Once you have an idea of the car you are interested in, you have a couple of options:

What is the Best Way for Me to Get New Car Insurance?

You have several options for buying auto insurance coverage.

If convenience, low-pressure assistance and often lower rates aren’t your top priorities, you can also purchase auto insurance through one of several other avenues including:

This article will give you a deeper look at the pros and cons of each of these options.

What Kind of New Car Insurance Do I Need?

There are three types of new car insurance you can buy and, depending on which one you want, you then can determine which carriers you want to approach.

For more information, see these articles about how to compare car insurance quotes and how much coverage you need. When you’re ready to compare new car insurance quotes, use our online quote generator to get started.


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