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Watch Ford Focus Crash Into Pole While Trying To Avoid Kid Who Shot Into Traffic


A young cyclist in the UK caused a automobile to crash on Sunday, March 24 after carelessly intersecting a road.

The accident occurred in Greater Manchester in the UK and the scene was captured by the exterior security camera of a local resident.

Footage proves two young boys slowly riding their bicycles along the sidewalk. Moments before the crash, one of the boys can be seen picking up an object on the pavement and quickly throwing it to the ground. The same son then proceeds to veer aggressively into the road and tries to induce his route through the crossing.

However, a light blue Ford Focus was traveling along the road and the driver was forced to veer out of the way to avoid inducing contact with the young cyclist. The motorist slammed into a large sign post while the two sons on motorcycles fled the scene.

Deadline News reports that the driver suffered minor injuries to his shoulder and hip.

Speaking with local media, the owner of the house opposite security incidents, Jaine Rowley, said here accident occurred at 7:15 p.m. and is an indication that the young cyclists have made a habit of causing chaos for locals.

“These two ought to have causing trouble for months now. Abusing walkers, dodging traffic, injury property. If their parents have not seen this video yet then there’s something wrong! Hopefully, they will do the right thing, ” Rowley said.

If the driver of the Focus hadn’t been so quick to react, one of the sons could have been seriously injured.

For the sake of the driver, we hope this CCTV footage helps them prove to their insurance company that they’re not to blame.

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