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How’s Your Home Security? Check Out These Tips to Stop Break-Ins Before They Happen!


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With spring only around the corner, crooks are thawing out and starting to scope out their next target. Here are a few tips-off to stay on top of your home security so your home isn’t on their list!

The first principle of home security is knowing the baseline. Your neighborhood will have one, it’s just a matter of taking the time to know and understand it. What autoes are consistently parked where? Who’s at home during the day? Do your neighbors use service companies on a regular basis? What vehicles do those services drive? These are all questions that will help you establish the baseline, but there are many others.

I suggest taking a day off of work in good weather and working outside. Mow the lawn, plant flowers, trim your shrubs, stain your fence, anything to allow you to observe what goes on in the neighborhood when you’re typically run at work. Heck, even a lawn chair in the driveway would achieve the desired result.

The point of knowing your neighborhood’s baseline is to make it faster to recognise when things aren’t normal. This is the first indication that something isn’t right and crime could be on the horizon. I’d wager there’s not a Police Officer around that wouldn’t urge you to report in if you saw something suspicious, even if it turns out to be nothing. While officers induce rounds, they rely heavily on citizens like yourself to lead them to crime. Don’t hesitate if you see something. The saying runs, if you see something, say something!

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Once your radar is up and alert to your neighborhood activity, you’ll is more and more situationally aware and even more aware to the removal of potential targets of opportunity. These can be an open garage door you forgot to close, a vehicle you forgot to lock, or even a fencing without a lock that is not merely provides you privacy, but provides a thief with privacy as well once they’re in your backyard.

The name of the game here is to construct your home a harder target so that felons insure a procure kerb appeal and appear elsewhere for an easier target. Are your hedges trimmed back in front of your windows , not giving them a hiding place? Are your trees trimmed back, allowing a passerby to watch everything going on and notice a potential break-in? Do your fence gates and exterior doorways have security locks installed?

I’ve always believed that the best style to understand a lock’s vulnerabilities is to learn the ability of lock picking. This may seem nefarious and a skill best left for locksmiths and criminals, but it can and will help you as well. Do you know how easy it is to picking a standard pin and tumbler lock on your front doorway, or that simple padlock installed on your fencing? It’s easier than you think! There’s no reason to kick in a doorway if it’s simple to open.

What’s worse is that if you can’t prove your home was “broken into” the insurance might not even cover it. Entailing that if a criminal can slip in without showing signs of a forced break-in, you might have a hard time demonstrating your loss was the result of a burglary and that’s even scarier.

These are just a few things we’ve covered in our articles and the Home Security eBook I’ve written. Check out our resources and products below for more info. Our members get the eBook for free and while this is a business and I’m pitching things for sale, I’m truly passionate about sharing knowledge on skill-sets like these, especially skills that can help keep you and your family more secure.

~ Bryan Black Founder& Editor-in-Chief, ITS Tactical

A Definitive Guide to Operating a Home Security Assessment

A Definitive Guide to Running a Home Security Assessment

In this eBook, we offer lessons learned in home security, as well as some tips and tricks for constructing your home a harder target altogether.

Bogota Titanium Flats 4-Piece Toolset

Bogota Titanium Flats 4-Piece Toolset

The Bogota( r) Titanium Flats 4-Piece Toolset includes three straight picks and one tension wrench. It weighs simply 0.3 ounces and the inherently “flat” shape induces it easy to store.

Visible Cutaway Practice Locks

Visible Cutaway Practice Locks

These Visible Cutaway Practice Locks enable you to see, as well as feel each pin move independently. Knowing how a lock works both inside and out, will not only help you improve your abilities but also learn more about the illusion of security.

ITS Security Seals

ITS Security Seals

The ITS Security Seals provide protection from a common garage door bypass technique used by burglars to hook emergency situations release. They’re also great to use as tamper evident seals on things like luggage, handgun the circumstances and more.

Dumpster Diving for Sensitive Information

Dumpster Diving for Sensitive Information

What can thieves learn from your junk? Likely a whole lot more than you think they can. In this short video on ITS, we highlight a few of the ways that you and your loved ones can safeguard against this kind of attack.

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