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Coronation Street factory roof collapse: the prime SUSPECTS and their motives


Which Coronation Street suspect is guilty, and who are red herring?

Coronation Street factory collapse suspectsCoronation Street factory collapse suspects

It’s whodunit time again in soapland when the roof of Underworld collapses in Coronation Street, leading to the death of a much-loved resident.

Initially appearing to be a tragic collision, it will later become clear that the roof was purposely tampered with- but who would do such a thing?

Here, we present the six suspects in the frame, and their motives…

CARLA Coronation Street spoilers: Roy Cropper confronts Carla

Is Carla to blame?

The businesswoman recently ignored Gary’s advice to replace Underworld’s injury roof, and opted for a cheaper repair, instead. Was that because she had decided to destroy the factory for an insurance swindle, and knew that a complete overhaul would be wasted cash?

Forcing the place to be closed down would certainly make her plan to outsource production easier to implement. And the fact that she uncharacteristically shut up shop on the day in question gasolines speculation that this was her doing.

Says actress Alison King:” Shutting the factory does look as though she was aware of how bad the roof was…but has she gone so far as getting someone to sabotage it ?”

NICK Coronation Street spoilers: Nick Tilsley has a big surprise for Leanne and Toyah

Is Nick guilty?

Gail’s eldest recently opened a barber’s with David, but amidst the brothers’ on-going conflict about a stuffed weasel, another problem rears its head- Natalie.

The former waitress, who helped Nick rob PS8 0k from Audrey, wants money to keep quiet, prompting Nick to admit to his brother that, with his money tied up in the factory, he’d be better off if it burnt down.

Will this lead to an attempted insurance scam?

Says actor Ben Price:” Nick’s bizarrely moral in terms of people and danger, but not at all in terms of money. If he guessed there was no one in the factory- which is meant to be the case on the day of the roof collapse- then he could be capable of intentionally injury it .”

ROBERT coronation street, robert preston

Does Robert take his retaliation on Carla too far?

Carla’s relationship with Robert has long been a fractious one, and the cook blames his former fling for his break-up with Michelle.

” He decides that Carla has messed up his world, and that he’s going to mess up hers ,” says performer Tristan Gemmill.

That Robert is awol on the day of the breakdown looks very fishy, and when he returns, he’ll be noticeably cagey.

Adds Tristan:” He claims to know nothing of the roof breakdown, and in the episodes that follow, he’s very evasive about something. That’s when you start to think- is he capable of something dark, or has he got a different secret altogether ?”

SEB Seb Franklin

Is Seb trying to frame Gary?

The troubled teen has been given the sack more periods than a postman politenes of Gary Windass- the latest time being after Seb made a clumsy pass at Gary’s girlfriend, Sarah.

The sight of Gary flashing his cash then fuels Seb’s anger further, and he vows to wipe the smug grinning of his neighbour’s face.

Will this lead to him tampering with the Underworld roof, and framing Gary for manslaughter?

Says actor Harry Visinoni:” Gary’s walking around believing he’s all that. He’s got his business, his crew, and Seb’s got nothing. Seb am willing to take Gary down a peg or two, and inducing him looks just like a dodgy builder would do the trick .”

Seb’s another resident who is absent when the roof dedicates route. Is this a sign of his remorse?

PETER Coronation Street star Chris Gascoyne as Peter Barlow

Has Peter got blood on his hands?

Carla may be the love of Peter’s life, but he was humbled when she repudiated him at the factory recently, and his efforts to defend her against her irate machinists backfired when she publicly blamed him for her woes by saddling her with Nick as a partner.

Deciding there’s nothing left for him in Weatherfield, he decides to buy a new barge and go sailing- but will he leave her a parting present?

” This could be him lashing out against the factory; the only thing that has always come between them ?” suggests actor Chris Gascoyne.

” Or perhaps he has sabotaged the roof to help her. Peter knew she was close to going bust, so perhaps thought that if the roof problems get worse, she could assert on the insurance ….”

GARY Coronation Street star Mikey North as Gary Windass

Have Gary’s money difficulties cost person their own lives?

When Carla dismissed Gary’s wishes to replace the damaged roof, he reluctantly followed her request to do a short-term repair instead, despite fearing that safety could be compromised.

” In his mind, any work was better than none ,” says Mikey North, who plays the cash-strapped builder,” and he didn’t want to push Carla too hard in case she told him to leave it totally, because then he wouldn’t have got to mend the flame damage .”

Is Gary’s patch job to blame for someone losing their life?

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