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50% BPM revenues come from outcome-based deals


Bengaluru: Business process management( BPM) firms say just as much as half their revenue is now coming from outcome-based deals, the share of which has increased sharply in the past years on the back of new business transformation contracts.With an increase of their clients using digital technology-enabled answers, such as chatbots, to interact with their own clients, BPM companies have find a significant chunk of their revenue proceeds shifting towards business outcomes. BPM companies is most commonly billed their clients based on man-hours spent for a service. Companies such as WNS, Aegis and Hinduja Global Solutions( HGS) are now engaged in improving business value for their clients utilizing technology platforms. “A lot of our bargains today are resulted through technology transformation first, ” said Keshav Murugesh, global CEO, WNS. 6829617 5

“Quite often, it is going into a large insurance company, for example, who has already made a lot of investments in various platforms. But the platform is not delivering what they needed to deliver. We go in and say, seem, we understand your business domain and technology very well and we have a lot of connectors and our own IP. We can make this platform that you are now use much better in terms of our ROI.”HGS said clients are increasingly looking at “total cost of ownership”. “Many of the involvements we are signing today connect the value created for the client with growth, and are led by newer business models, alternate phases of delivery and communication channels. This tendency for HGS is more so in the healthcare and customer verticals, ” said Ram Mohan Natarajan, senior VP, invention& business transformation, HGS.WNS said outcome-based projects are keeping the growth momentum on, even if in a number of cases pricing is no more completely fixed and there are significant variable components.

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