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Mom Was Left For Dead After Being Run Over, Then Insurance Says They Wont Pay For Therapy


Ebony Canion wears her scars, and wears them proudly. Instead of hiding them away, she shares them with the world because she is a survivorwho is now telling her survival story.

She has come a long way since her accident, which left her in a coma for two months and in the hospital for four, but she isnt done fighting just yet.

Ebony was out one night with her sister and her cousin having a great time. The night was so much fun, the three women decided to go back to Ebonys sisters house to continue the evening.

But when they arrived, there was a strange car in Ebonys sisters driveway. Soon, they found out that it was not a welcome visitor, and things escalated into an argument.

Ebony was trying to be the peacemaker and settle everyone down, but then she was hit in the face by one of the women in the car.

Her nephew had to run out of the house to break up the fight, but it wasnt over yet.

As the visitors drove away, they purposely hit Ebony with their car and dragged her body down the street 200 feet. She suffered such life-threatening injuriesthat the doctors believed she would be in a vegetable state.

But Ebony was born a fighter, and she was determined to beat every single odd they gave her.

When they said she wouldnt leave the hospital, she did. When they told her family she would never walk again, her son, Shawn, helped teach her how all over again.

And now, she is sharing her amazing survival story with the world. Because of her tragedy, she is now inspiring others, and thats all shes ever wanted to do.

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