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Mom Kills Herself To Claim Insurance For Sick Son, Turns Out Her Policy Expired


A mom from Shenzhen within an act of frustration murdered himself to state insurance cash to manage on her treatment that was son’s.

Because it was unearthed that her plan really ended a couple of months before the unlucky occasion ended up a whole lot worse.

The boy was identified as having Bechterew’s illness, or called ankylosing spondylitis. The condition happens in small guys mainly, creating pain and is just a persistent inflammatory illness influencing the backbone.


Medicine might frequently assist because it is documented that many sufferers respond nicely using the medicines recommended people who is affected with the condition. Medicine may reduce irritation and the discomfort, particularly when it’s being handled early.

Once the boy found he suffered from Bechterew’s, he originally held it from his household until ten years later! Their situation steadily worsened and also the boy needed to stop his work like a cafe producer to often his disease. Today, his back can barely change or transfer.

Nevertheless, the household was not also rich to cover the hospital expenses that are costly. Their attempted best but cannot increase enough cash to cover treatment.



In frustration as well as in an overall total dropped, the 63-year old mom leaped from her son’s 9th storey condo to her demise with expectations to state insurance cash that’s worth 300,000 yuan (RM181,700).

Her demise appeared to be in useless when family unit members realize that mom who stepped in March to her demise had an insurance plan which finished last Nov. Moreover, if you’re acquainted with insurance, there’s a term that voids the agreement in case there is a suicide attempt. Meaning even when her plan didn’t end, the cash will unable to be stated anyway.


It had been documented that media his tale that was included in media managed to get throughout China. It’s atleast reassuring to understand the Charity Foundation chose to joined up to come quickly to the assistance of his family and the person.

Without any consideration part note, never consider your mother. This tale demonstrated that there is a love unquestionably the best factor on the planet.